Transforming Engineering and Manufacturing


Increase Engineering Capacity without Adding People

Global Edge 2018 - Automated Manufacturing is the premier engineering and manufacturing workflow system that helps increase engineering capacity by automating labor intensive workflow tasks for manufacturing companies that quote, design and manufacture Configure to Order (CTO) and Engineered to Order (ETO) products.

Real-World Successes

  • Johnson Controls - Reduced 4 Hour Engineering Order Task to Less than 20 Seconds
  • Cooper Power Systems - Integrated Engineering with ERP and Shop Floor
  • Lambda Electronics - Increased Design Capacity by 50 Percent - Reduced Lead Times from 12 to 2 weeks
  • Carron Net Company - Reduced Staff Requirements by 30 Percent
  • Estes Design & Manufacturing - Eliminated Manual Analysis of Customer Requirements for Quoting
  • Nelson Industries - Increased Engineering Capacity by 50 Percent by Enabling Design Reuse
  • Aztek Engineering - Eliminated Retyping of Information by Integrating CAD and Bill of Materials with ERP

Speed Up Your Workflow from Quoting to Final Product Shipment

Key Software Modules / Features

  • Automated Quoting:  Automates generation of sales quotes with automated bill of materials and routing generation including time and material cost roll-ups.

  • Automated Product Configuration:  Automates the configuration of simple-to-complex products including the automated generation and resizing of 3D CAD Models.

  • Advanced BOM Management:  Provides centralized, single version of truth bill of materials data warehouse integrated with CAD, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Accounting.

  • Integrated Document Management:  Provides management and direct integration with CAD files and spreadsheets to integrate parameter information with the quoting and engineering workflow process.

  • CAD to ERP Integration:  Automatically synchronizes accurate CAD Bill of Materials with ERP Bill of Materials and eliminates retyping of engineering information into ERP system.

  • Automated Workflow:  Automates preparation of DXF Flat Pattern files from 3D CAD Model files based on daily production runs.

  • Integrated Manufacturing:  Provides a full functioned Shop Floor Control / Manufacturing Execution system that forges a strong partnership between engineering, purchasing and manufacturing to head off design and manufacturing problems to control costs.

  • Integrated Financials:  Provides a fully functioned integrated accounting system to manage the financial portion of your business.


Reuse Rather than Recreate - Quit Reinventing the Wheel!

"Without the Global Edge - Product Configurator, we would need to create hundreds of bill of materials (the list of damper components), which requires hundreds of engineering and clerical hours to create and maintain.  Orders that once took up to four hours and now processed within 20 seconds."


Steve Yoder, Damper Cell Manager

Johnson Controls - Watertown, Wisconsin



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