Transforming Engineering and Manufacturing


Founded in 1983, Logic Design Corporation is a software development and technology integration company that  specializes in innovative, leading edge software solutions that help manufacturing companies transform engineering and manufacturing to design and build products better, faster and cheaper.  LDC helps your company stay ahead of the competition with proven products and services that are practical to implement and deliver a rapid Return On Investment.

Reduce Your Quoting Time from Hours to Minutes

  • Automated Importation & Analysis:  Eliminates Manual Analysis of Drawings for Quoting

  • Automated Routing Generation:  Provides Accurate and Actual Cost Roll-Ups for Quoting

  • Automated Product Configuration:  Easily Configures Simple-to-Complex Products for Quoting

  • Automated CAD Model Generation:  Eliminates Manual Resizing of CAD Models Based on Customer Parameters

  • ERP / CRM Integration:  Eliminates Retyping of Quoting Information to ERP / CRM System


Reuse Rather than Recreate - Quit Reinventing the Wheel!

"Without the Global Edge - Product Configurator, we would need to create hundreds of bill of materials (the list of damper components), which requires hundreds of engineering and clerical hours to create and maintain.  Orders that once took up to four hours and now processed within 20 seconds."


Steve Yoder, Damper Cell Manager

Johnson Controls - Watertown, Wisconsin



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