About Us


Founded in 1983, Logic Design Corporation is a software development and technology integration company that specializes in innovative, leading edge software solutions that help manufacturing companies transform engineering and manufacturing to design and build products better, faster and cheaper.  LDC helps your company stay ahead of the competition with proven products and services that are practical to implement and deliver a rapid Return On Investment.  LDC helps manufacturing companies to increase productivity and reduce costs with innovative products and services.

Transforming Engineering & Manufacturing


Products & Services


  • Global Edge 2018 - Automated Manufacturing
  • 2D / 3D CAD Programming
  • Shop Floor Integration / Automation Planning
  • Technology Integration Programming


Our Mission

"To provide manufacturers with innovative, cost-effective solutions for reducing costs, improving productivity and streamlining operations to achieve a competitive edge."



1530 South Norwood Drive
New Berlin, WI  53146-1419
Phone:  262-391-0540