Advanced Bill of Materials Management


Integrated Bill of Materials


Advanced Where-Used


Cost Roll-Ups


Integrated Document Management

Key Features


  • Centralized Bill of Materials Database Integrated with Enterprise
  • Bill of Materials Integration with 3D CAD / ERP
  • Advanced Bill of Materials and Document Search Capabilities
  • Document Management Integrated with Bill of Materials


Key Benefits


  • Provides Single Version of Truth Engineering Data Warehouse
  • Increases Design Reuse
  • Reduces Engineering Cycle Times
  • Provides Advanced Management of Bill of Materials / Routings
  • Provides Accurate Time and Material Cost Roll-Ups
  • Helps Eliminate Duplicate Part Numbers / Orphan Parts
  • Synchronizes CAD Bill of Materials with ERP Bill of Materials
  • Provides Advanced Part Dimension and Document Searches
  • Provides Documents When and Where Needed


Global Edge 2021 - Integrated Manufacturing provides the ability to effectively manage complete bill of materials information throughout the engineering and manufacturing workflow process.  This is accomplished with the ability to integrate real-time bill of materials information with Quoting, Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Accounting.


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