Automated Quoting


Automated Sheet Metal Part Analysis


Automated Routing Generation


Automated Product Configuration


Automated CAD Model Generation

ERP / CRM Integration

Key Features


  • Automated Generation of Sales Quote from Customer CAD Drawings
  • Automated Configuration of Quotes Based on Customer Requirements
  • Automated Generation of Routings Based on Part Parameters
  • Automated Generation of Quote Drawings
  • Automated Process Time & Material Cost Roll-Ups
  • Automated Quantity Pricing Based on Manufacturing Costs


Key Benefits


  • Eliminates Manual Analysis of Sheet Metal Parts for Quoting
  • Simplifies & Automates Quoting Process
  • Speeds Up Quoting Process / Increases Quoting Capacity
  • Insures that Accurate Quoting Costs are Generated
  • Offer More Product Options to Your Customers
  • Generates Sales Quote Based on Either Profit and/or Delivery Time


Global Edge 2021 - Integrated Manufacturing provides the ability to produce fast, accurate sales quotes based on the actual process time and material costs.  This is accomplished with the ability to automate the steps that are normally associated with the quoting process for fabricated sheet metal parts.

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