Automated Workflow


Automated Engineering Workflow


Automated Manufacturing Workflow


Automated Shop Floor Drawing Generation

Key Features


  • Automated Production Work Queue
  • Automated Generation of 2D / 3D CAD Drawings Based on Production Runs
  • Automated Generation of Shop Floor Ready Production Data


Key Benefits


  • Increase Engineering Capacity through Task Automation
  • Automates Manufacturing Engineering Process
  • Eliminates / Reduces Engineering Clerical Work
  • Automatically Prepares Drawings for Nesting Software
  • Easy Retrieval of Past Project Histories
  • Helps Establish On-Line Engineering Knowledge Database
  • Better Planning / Allocation of Project Resources
  • Accurate Tracking of Project Time / Job Time & Expenses
  • Real-Time Shop Floor Monitoring / Production Reporting / Part Tracking



Global Edge 2021 - Integrated Manufacturing provides the ability to automate the workflow of engineering tasks that range from design to preparation of information for the shop floor.  This is accomplished with the automation of workflow tasks throughout the engineering and manufacturing workflow process.


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