Integrated Document Management


Key Features


  • Documents Integrated with Bill of Materials
  • Documents Linked to Multiple Data Sources
    • Parts / Assemblies
    • Routings / Processes
    • Engineering Workflow
    • Shop Floor Workflow / Equipment
  • Advanced Document Searching / Document "Where-Used"
  • Document Check-In / Check-out


Key Benefits


  • Provided Documents When & Where Needed
  • Reduces Document Search Time
  • Automated Revision Control & Approval
  • Helps Effectively Manage & Control Documents throughout the Enterprise


Global Edge 2021 - Integrated Manufacturing provides integrated document management system that makes is easy to securely vault and retrieve documents enterprise-wide.  Global Edge eliminates document search time and duplicated documents by securely vaulting documents as they are checked in.  Global Edge incorporates drag and drop document vaulting that enables you to grab a document from your desktop and securely vault it with the point and click of a mouse.  Global Edge provides a secure document vault that ensures documents are securely and accurately stored for authorized retrieval.  Global Edge links and vaults documents attached to an actual bill of materials structure. This structure provides for virtually unlimited searching capabilities such as by: drawing, customer, vendor, project, job, ECO, work order, etc.


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