Integrated Manufacturing


Automated MES System


Automated Traveler System


Time & Production Reporting System


Shop Floor Integration with Enterprise

Key Features


  • Job / Work Order Management
  • Critical Path Ordering
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Scheduling / Capacity Planning
  • ASRS / Materials Handling Control
  • Real-Time On-Line Job Status
  • Shop Floor Travelers
  • Production Reporting / Job Costing
  • Inspection & Quality Reporting
  • Lot & Serial Tracking & Traceability
  • Bar Coding & Scanning
  • Machine & Tool Management
  • Paperless Manufacturing


Key Benefits


  • Machine Data Provided When & Where Needed
  • Automated Document Deployment
  • Automated Job / Work Order Build
  • Real-Time Shop Floor Monitoring / Part Tracking
  • Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection



Global Edge 2021 - Integrated Manufacturing includes a full functioned Shop Floor Control / Manufacturing Execution System.  Global Edge forges a strong partnership between engineering, purchasing and manufacturing to head off design and manufacturing problems to control costs.  Material requirements planning, process planning, procurement, scheduling, material and labor costs, production tracking and quality control issues are all made more manageable with Global Edge.  Automatic feedback of problem reporting to engineering constitutes a system that supports the requirements for ISO 900x certification.


Global Edge automatically integrates the engineering bill of materials and routings with work orders to help streamline the manufacturing workflow process.  Bar coding provides real-time information for every job in production.  Global Edge provides real-time, accurate job costing that breaks down each project and job by labor and machine time, as well as material and outside vendor process costs.


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