Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management


Automated Purchasing


Vendor Tracking & Performance

Key Features


  • Supplier / Purchase Order Management
  • MRP Purchasing Report
  • Automated Request for Quote
  • Automated Purchase Order Generation
  • Consolidated Purchasing
  • Critical Path Ordering
  • Supplier Rating / Performance


Key Benefits


  • Purchasing Integrated with Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Easily Identify Critical Path Components for Prompt Ordering
  • Maintain Optimum Inventory Levels
  • Improve Purchasing Accuracy
  • Just-In-Time Delvery of Components and Services
  • Consolidated Purchasing
  • Effectively Track Vendor Performance
  • Streamline Supply Chain Process


Global Edge 2021 - Integrated Manufacturing is a complete supply chain management system that fully integrates purchasing with sales, engineering, manufacturing and accounting to ensure that the proper information is available when purchasing from suppliers. Global Edge identifies components for critical path ordering to ensure that on-time customer delivery schedules are met. Global Edge streamlines the entire purchasing process by integrating an accurate bill of materials with order entry and inventory to maintain optimum inventory levels.


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