Industry 4.0


Logic Design Corporation (LDC) is a software development and technology integration company that specializes in helping manufacturing companies achieve Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology.

This includes connecting ERP with Engineering and Manufacturing down to the machine tool level to automate and accelerate expensive labor-intensive tasks that have been the bottlenecks in maximizing production from existing facilities and equipment.  Industry 4.0 ultimately creates an enterprise that is integrated from quoting to product shipment that is fully visible and enables control that optimizes productivity, quality and accountability.

Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing offers a solution to the key challenges addressed by Industry 4.0:  

  • Effectively Managing Inventory & Production
  • Automating Labor-Intensive Workflow Tasks
  • Integrating Silos of Information & Automation
  • Accurate & Timely Quoting
  • On-Time Product Deliveries

Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing provides the following Industry 4.0 solutions areas:

Learn how your company can achieve Industry 4.0 in the following video: 
Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing Roadmap
LDC Industry 4.0 Consulting