CAD Integration / Automation

Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing provides "CAD Integration / Automation" capabilities that includes real-time integration of CAD and Engineering with the manufacturing enterprise including the automated generation of CAD and routings for the shop floor.

CAD Integration / Workflow Automation Workflow Description

Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing includes "CAD Integration / Automation" capabilities that automate the generation of Extended Data DXF Flat files for the purpose of preparing information for the shop floor including laser nesting and bend programs.  This process includes the automated extraction of CAD parameters, which eliminates the time-consuming manual analysis of CAD parts and provides the foundation for automated routing generation.  These extracted part parameters include the following:


  • Flat Length / Width / Perimeter
  • Part Weight / Part Volume
  • Material / Thickness
  • Number of Cutouts
  • Cutout Perimeter
  • Round Hole Counts / Sizes
  • Obround Hole Counts / Sizes
  • Rectangular Hole Counts / Sizes
  • Other Hole Counts / Sizes
  • Bend Counts (Up / Down)
  • Internal Bend Counts (Up / Down)
  • Total Bends / Total Folds
  • Cutout / Part Distance

Key Benefits


  • Automates Manual Generation of DXF Files
  • Eliminates Manual Analysis of CAD Parts
  • Automatically Resizes CAD Models Based on Machine Tool Tooling
  • Storage of Part Parameters Facilitates Automated Routing Generation
  • Provides Manufacturability Testing of Parts Before Reaching Shop Floor
  • Significantly Reduces Expensive Manual Engineering Workflow Tasks

Automated Routing / Sales Quote Generation

Automated Routing / Sales Quote Generation Workflow Description


Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing includes "Automated Routing / Sales Quote Generation" capabilities that automate the generation of Optimal Routings based on CAD part parameters including the automated generation of Sales Quotes based on actual production costs.  This includes the automated machine tool selection based on CAD part parameters.  An example of automated machine tool selection is the automatic determination if a part can be fabricated on a specific machine tool based on maximum or minimum part length and/or width.  This also includes items like minimum PEM distance from a bend line.  Manufacturability rules can be established to help ensure a part can be successfully fabricated before it reaches the shop floor, avoids expensive errors.

Key Benefits


  • Generates Optimal Routings Based on CAD Part Parameters
  • Automated Machine Tool Selection Based of Cost and/or Delivery Time
  • Generates Accurate & Timely Quotes Based on Actual Production Costs
  • Generates Accurate Time & Material Cost Rollups
  • Provides Foundational Information for Better Scheduling
  • Configuration Engine that Automates Generation of Routings & Quotes