ERP Integration


Global Edge Integrated Manufacturing provides real-time "ERP Integration" with the manufacturing enterprise to provide accurate and timely information when and where needed to deliver on-time orders to increase customer satisfaction.
ERP Integration Workflow Description

The direct integration between ERP and the “Engineering & Manufacturing Data Warehouse” is made possible with the capabilities of the Global Edge ERP Interface which provides the ability to automatically map and translate data between your various software and hardware technologies throughout the manufacturing enterprise. This includes automatic transfers of information that can happen real-time as information generated such as a rush order or hot parts that needs to be processed immediately. This can also include timed transfers of information that happen hourly, daily, or weekly depending on how the information is designated to be transferred. The information typically transferred between CAD / Engineering, CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing), and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software includes the following:



CAD (Computer-Aided Design) / Engineering


Global Edge provides a direct two-way integration between 3D CAD and ERP with the ability synchronize CAD bill of materials with ERP bill of materials to ensure information accuracy and eliminate the retyping of information between engineering and ERP. This also includes the capability to generate a complete manufacturing bill of materials within your 3D CAD system including complete routings based on CAD part parameters. Additionally, Global Edge provides the capability to automatically generate DXF flat files that include extended data that facilitates the automatic generation of laser and bend programs by feeding this information directly to your CAM software.



CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)


Global Edge provides the ability to provide your CAM software with the necessary production quantities, CAD part parameters and Extended Data DXF Flat Files to facilitate the automatic generation of CAM programs for machine tools that include laser cutters, press brakes and panel benders.



MES (Manufacturing Execution System)


Global Edge provides MES functionality for delivering production orders to machine tools on the shop floor and collecting data including through IoT connectivity. In addition, Global Edge can connect to third-party MES software from machine tool manufacturers for operations such as laser nesting, scheduling, and cutting. This can also include automatically collecting production data from the third-party MES software.


Key Benefits


  • Integrates ERP with Engineering, Manufacturing & Shop Floor
  • Synchronizes CAD Bill of Materials with ERP Bill of Materials
  • Automates Generation of NC Laser & Bend Programs
  • Provides Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection